As Feza Alumni, you now have access to a number of services, offers, and benefits.


A world of opportunity awaits you at Feza Alumni with your alumni ID card! To update your address information, contact the Alumni Office 0677058779

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Bring your alumni ID card with you when you explore the Feza Schools campus. You’ll find not only great memories but also many resources for lifelong learning and enjoyment. Some of these benefits are

  • Gradual use of Feza Schools’ facilities, swimming pool, jogging tracks, and courts for basketball, handball, basketball, tennis and more.
  • Access to Alumni’s programs, lectures, and events.
  • Alumni Online Community membership.

Discounts at the Feza Alumni parties, events, music, dances and family performances


Join various clubs with fellow graduates. Through Feza Alumni Foundation, graduates created clubs consisting of different batches. Some of these clubs are

  • Feza Alumni Book Clubs
  • Feza Alumni Cooking Clubs
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